Cricket Betting Sites That Are Perfect for Indians

Cricket Betting Sites Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket to us Indians is nothing short of a religion. In fact, it is safe to say that nothing brings us closer together than a tense game of cricket, especially if we have decided to place a couple of bets on the match. Keep on reading and everything you need to know about online cricket betting will be revealed.

What Are the Best Cricket Betting Sites for Those in India?

Gambling, believe it or not, is actually an illegal practice in India, but us Indians can still gamble up to $60 billion every single year thanks to a number of fantastic cricket betting sites. When you are making your final decision about what bookmaker you want to join, there are a number of things that you need to keep an eye out for. We will take a look at those now, before giving you a list of great bookmakers that have no issues with letting Indians sign up with them.

Easy Signing Up Process: Signing up to a bookmaker should take 10 minutes maximum. If it takes longer, just close the page and choose another bookmaker.

Quality Customer Support: You need to join a bookmaker that has a customer support team that can provide quick and precise solutions. They should also always be happy to help their customers. Therefore, before you take the plunge and make a first deposit with a bookmaker, you should test out their support. If they take ages to reply or give a poor answer, don’t spend your money at the site.

Top-notch Security: Always check that the bookmakers that you are interested in joining are displaying an SSL certificate. Why? Well, this shows they are making use of the best encryption technology to ensure everyone’s data is safe. If you cannot see such a certificate, apply elsewhere. There are plenty of different options out there.

Competitive Betting Odds: Not all cricket betting sites have the same odds, so visit some comparison sites and read a review or two to make sure you will be getting competitive odds.

  • Dafabet India
  • Betway India
  • 1xbet Cricket
  • 10Cric
  • Royal Panda
  • 22 Bet
  • LeoVegas
  • 888Sport
  • Unibet
  • Spin Sports
  • Bodog

All of the sports betting options above are fair and secure, provide competitive odds and a range of cricket betting markets, are happy to accept Indian players, have great Welcome Bonus offers and other Promotions such as free bets, and offer great customer support services.

If you would like to read some in-depth reviews about the aforementioned bookmakers, head on over to

What Markets Will You Find at Cricket Betting Sites?

Luckily, boredom never raises its ugly head when betting on cricket as there are just so many different markets available. To add to this, there are always major cricketing events happening throughout the year, meaning that you will always find something that you can have a bet on.

When it comes to limited overs competitions, the Indian Premier League, the Twenty20 World Cup, the Cricket World Cup, the Caribbean Premier League and the Big Bash are some of the best and most eagerly anticipated events. Regarding the test format, the ICC recently introduced the World Test Championship. This began in August 2019, when England began their Ashes campaign against Australia (which ended in a 2-2 draw). From now until 2021, nine teams will play six series, and the two top teams will face off in a winner takes all final. As you can see, you will never find yourself short of cricketing events to place bets on.

So, what about the different markets that bookmakers offer up to cricket fans? Well, the most popular market for cricket lovers to bet on is the winner of a match. In the test format of the game, you can bet on a draw as well, but odds for a draw are never provided for limited overs cricket as drawn ODI matches rarely happen.

If you feel like taking a bit of a risk, you can try your luck at predicting which player will score the most runs in a match or which bowler will collect the most wickets. This can be a very tricky market to get right, but, if your bet is right, the monetary rewards will be very good. A tip that you should keep in mind when trying to guess which batsman will end up as the leading run scorer in a limited overs game is to bet on a player that opens the batting or comes in at the fall of the first wicket. These batsman bat when strict field restrictions are in place and often end up getting to face the most deliveries. If Steve Smith is playing, you might as well just bet on him as he just seems to score runs for fun, no matter the format. If you want to try and predict the best bowler, we recommend that you choose one who will bowl at the end of the innings. This is because batsmen are only interested in scoring quick runs here, and don’t particularly care if they lose their wicket.

Other popular markets that you can place bets on include who will be the player of the match, which team will win the coin toss, which team will have the highest opening partnership, will a wicket fall in a particular over, how many runs will the bowling side concede in a particular over, who will be the next batsman out, what will the mode of dismissal be for the next batsman to get out, will a team score higher or lower than, for example, 250 runs, and a lot more.

Tips You Should Know for Online Cricket Betting Sites

You obviously need a certain degree of luck to win your cricket bets, but you can drastically increase your chances of winning by taking note of the great tips that you will find below.

Know What the Weather is Going to be Like

We all know that the weather can have a huge impact on any sports that are played outside, but cricket fans will know that no sport is affected by the weather as much as cricket it. The weather, believe it or not, can dictate how the ball behaves off the pitch. For example, if the weather is grey and overcast, batting will be a lot more difficult as the ball will seam and swing off the wicket. However, if the sun is out, batting becomes easier as there will be no extravagant movement.

Everyone who has watched their fair share of cricket will be aware that play cannot continue if it is raining. Those who are new to cricket will often find this quite peculiar, but it is down to player safety. For instance, when it is raining, the ball will become slippery which means that it will be very hard for the bowlers to grip it properly and stray balls at 90mph is obviously not an ideal scenario. Furthermore, when it is raining heavily, it becomes much harder for the batsman and fielders to see the ball properly, meaning they could find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Therefore, it is not an uncommon scenario to see a lot of time taken out of a cricket game, be it a limited over match or a test match, due to wet conditions. In fact, you can see a whole day, or a number of days wiped out. Thus, before placing bets, you really should take a couple of minutes to read some weather forecasts as you will then be able to tell whether it is worth betting on certain matches.

Try and Analyse the Pitch

Like the weather, the pitch being used also has a huge impact on the game. Below is what you need to know about the different types of pitches you are likely to come across when watching cricket.

A pitch that a covering of green grass will assist fast bowlers, meaning that batting will be quite tricky. When there is a green covering, the team that wins the coin toss will often bowl first without hesitation.

A pitch that has no covering of grass and looks yellowish will often be a batting paradise. When this is the type of pitch that is on offer, the team that wins the toss will bat first.

A dry pitch with cracks on it is one that will have spin bowlers smiling from ear to ear. The cracks will get bigger as the game wears on, meaning that whoever is batting last will have the most difficult conditions to contend with.

So, before you confirm your bet, we recommend that you find out all you can about the pitch that is being used so you get a clearer idea about how events will unfold.

So, what’s holding you back? Sign up to one of the aforementioned sites so you can start trying your luck with some cricket bets. Don’t forget to keep these tips in mind as they will help improve your chances of winning some money.

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