The IBSA’s World Games 2011 news

The ibsa world games news The ibsa world games news

Evidently, if you are interested in the IBSA World Games, you will need to stay in touch with the news. Therefore, we have decided to put in place a section fully dedicated to the news coming from the IBSA community as a whole. We have decided to divide our article in different parts that we have decided to focus our news influx on. You will benefit from news from the IBSA federation, as well as the IBSA member states and the sports as a whole. You will be the first one to know all about what is going on the IBSA’s world!

The federation news

If you do not want to go on the official IBSA World Games’ website, we can offer you another media outlet for you to get a full knowledge of what is going on within the federation. You will get accurate flash news reports for every big decision being made by the IBSA federation as a whole. Whether it is the next edition of the IBSA World Games announcement or the integration of a new member state, you will now know everything. We will spare you the gossips and rumors, as they do not make for valuable pieces of information. You will get in touch with the latest federation’s development to be fully aware of the work put in by the IBSA World Games.

The member states’ news

Not only will you get knowledge about the latest development in the IBSA World Games, you will also hear from the member states. Those countries participate in organizing the IBSA World Games, and keeps on pushing their blind and partially sighted athletes in the sports of their choice. They are the ones also organizing regional championships to lead athletes to qualify for the IBSA World Games worldwide. Therefore, you will get all these information directly in our news section. Who knows, if your home country decides to take part in this adventure, you will be the first one to know about it all from a reliable source!

The sports’ news

The IBSA World Games are all about sports. Therefore, we will follow closely the different regional championships organized by member states to promote their athletes. We will bring you the latest results, as well as their importance to a qualification for the IBSA World Games. Moreover, we will keep you updated on the add-ons sports to the various competitions’ programs. In case your favorite sport gets added on to the program, you will be the first one to know about it, as well as the participating countries and their championships worldwide.

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