The ibsa origins The ibsa origins

The International Blind Sport Administration is a recognized and official sport federation. IBSA came a long way since its launch, and now is the time to dig in this sports’ federation origins in order to understand its impact nowadays. We have traced back to when the concept came about in conversation, until its worldwide expansion. In this section of our website dedicated to the IBSA World Games 2011, you will be aware of the IBSA’s origins as well as the World Games’ launch. Throughout our article, you will be able to grasp and have a better understanding of what IBSA is all about. From the origins to the federation’s development, you will benefit from a better understanding of the IBSA’s experience!

The origins of IBSA

The International Blind Sports Federation has been launched in 1981 and is recognized as a nonprofit organization. The federation’s mission is to concur to the promotion of the full integration of all blind athletes. The IBSA was born in Paris, France and continues to push in favor of blind or partially sighted athletes to take part in sports competitions. It is to be noted that the IBSA is a founding member of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). The IBSA is fully involved with other sports federation to promote the value of sports for every individual. The international federation shines through its involvement with many other sports committees to allow athletes with visual impairment to continue to participate in sports’ games and high-level recognized competitions. Now, let us take you to the competition aspect of the IBSA’s fight for fairness in sports.

The origins of IBSA World Games

The IBSA Championships and Games were launched in 1998, in Madrid, Spain. The first discipline that was introduced was the Paralympic sports. You will get to know more about the sports involved during those competitions in our section dedicated to the sport aspect of the competition. We will solely touch on the World Games and Championships evolution. The competitions take place every four years, as the Olympics and Football World Cups. The second edition of the IBSA World Games took place in Quebec, Canada in 2003. In 2007, the third edition was held in Sao Paulo Brazil. Four years later, the city of Antalya in Turkey was the fourth country to host the IBSA World Games. The most recent edition was in 2015, in Seoul, South Korea! The IBSA also hosts regional championships, in preparation for the World Games that take place every four years. There has been an outstanding interest and attendance to these events throughout times, and continues to generate a great deal of excitement.

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