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The ibsa members The ibsa members

Are you eager to find out if your country is taking part in the IBSA World Games? We are offering you a quick overview of all the countries participating in this competition. We have divided our article in three parts. The first one will deal with the great support that IBSA benefits from worldwide. The second part will mention the participating member state, and the third one will bring to light the hosting members. You will have a better idea of the amount of support that is being brought to the IBSA World Games worldwide! Are you ready for a lineup of the most impressive list of countries taking a big part in the IBSA World Games!

The federation’s support

France was the first country to bring up the initiative of the IBSA World Games! Indeed, France brought to the table the idea of organizing a set of competitions to promote blind or partly sighted athletes. The federation gathers memberships of over 130 countries. The IBSA is the main organization that joins forces with a federation of national organizations that are supporting this cause. The IBSA has its own constitution and its own set of laws. All the member organizations abide by those laws and must consult with the other federations, as well as with the national committees in order to seek membership to the IBSA World Games.

The participating members

As you know now, the member states participate through their regional organizations. The athletes come from every continent, whether it is the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. The 130 countries are spread out on all the continents. We suggest that you visit the official website in order for you to have a glimpse at all the countries that are participating. The list of very long, and in order not to forget a country, we suggest that you go directly on the IBSA official website!

The hosting members

As you know by now, there have been four editions of the IBSA World Games. The first one was hosted by a member state, which is Spain. The second edition took place in Canada, which is also a member state. Another IBSA member participated in the organization of the third edition of the games is Turkey. Last but definitely not least, the last edition to this day that took place in 2015 happened in South Korea. All of those states are also recognized and official member states. We have an article that will fulfill your curiosity, as it has to deal with member states that have gathered most of the medals throughout the IBSA World Games editions.

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