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The ibsa sports The ibsa sports

Let us talk to you about sports, because this is what the IBSA’s World Games are all about! We have prepared for you three lists that will trace the evolution of the competition through the addition of games to the competition. You will be able to witness the upgrades that have been made in order to allow as many passionate athletes as possible to participate in the competitions. The amount of interest in the competition was widely palpable considering the fact that throughout the four editions the competition has been extended in order to allow all the athletes to perform in their sport of choice! Let us take a look at all the IBSA’s athletes can do!

The Paralympic sports

The Paralympic sports were the first line-up to the competition. As you may already be aware of, there are a lot of sports that fall into this discipline. Therefore, we will let you know which ones of those games that were listed at the IBSA’s launch in 1998. The first games that were introduced to the competition were the following: five-a-side football, Goalball and Judo. These three disciplines were the very first ones added, and have enjoyed a great success. The attendance was overwhelmingly impressive, that the federation did not wait too long to add on more sports for athletes to compete to the highest level!

The added sports

The Paralympic sports remained on the menu since the first edition of the IBSA World Games. However, for the second IBSA World Games edition in Quebec, Canada, the federation decided unanimously to add on a few more sports to its list. Athletes were then allowed to compete in the following disciplines: Powerlifting, Ten-pin and nine-pin bowling, Biathlon Alpine skiing, Archery, Showdown Swimming, Shooting, Torball Nordic skiing, Athletics and Cycling. As you may have noticed, this is quite an upgrade to the three first disciplines that were set for the first edition, and it kept on growing!

More sports

The fourth edition of the IBSA World Games took place in 2015, in Seoul, South Korea. We were able to see a major evolution in the competition. Indeed, because of the added sports, the federation had to extend the duration of the competition. If you are wondering what games were added, here is a list that should satisfy you: Powerlifting, Chess, Tenpin Bowling, Tandem Cycling, and Showdown. This last edition was the one that got the most coverage and accounted for the most attendance. The next edition is yet to be confirmed or set in time and space, however, we are eager to know whether or not more sports will be added to an already extended list.

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